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The 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands was the outcome of an audit and professional drafting by a team of experts. It is a result of the 2013 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands, which was reviewed, audited and drafted during the 4th Joint Plenary of Constitutional Congress and EPAC.

This version went through a series of Public Awareness consultations, which started in May 2015 and completed in June 2016.

Latest Publication List

The 16th Issue of the Reform News (newsletter) highlights the Prime Minister's statement about the Draft Federal Constitution and a recap of the 2013 events.

The 17th Issue of the Reform News (newsletter) highlights the 4th Joint CC & EPAC Plenary, and interviews with the auditors and professional drafter of the proposed Draft.

The 14th Issue of the Reform News (newsletter) features PS/CRU's presentation to Gizo 2013 Premiers' Conference and an interview with Constitutional Congress Chairlady.

The 15th Issue of the Reform News (newsletter) highlights the 3rd Joint CC&EPAC Plenary and the audit progress by external experts in Federalism and constitution-making.

Older Publication List

Reform News


6th Issue highlights preparations for the 1st 2009 Draft Federal Constitution's review.

7th Issue highlights 2nd Joint Congress/EPAC Plenary.

8th Issue is the 2011 Christmas issue - highlights Honiara City boundary discussions.

9th Issue highlights the first three Provincial conventions.

10th Issue highlights six Provincial Conventions and CRU's briefing with two Parliamentary Committees.

11th Issue highlights Temotu Convention as the final Provincial Convention.

12th Issue is the 2012 Christmas issue - highlights a recap of activities.

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