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New CC Provincial Team leaders

Western CC Team leader Mr. Thornley Hite replaces Mr. Warren Paia, who has taken up Policy Secretary post for Fundamental Reform with DCC Government since 2015.

CC & EPAC Membership changes

During the course of the Reform program, inclusion of new members and replacements in CC & EPAC.

(1) Tapualiki Samasoni [EPAC Chairman replacing (late) Sir George Lepping]

(2) Baoro Luxton Koraua [EPAC member replacing (late) Vainga Tion]

(3) Jacklyn Qaloboe [CC member replacing Choiseul CC member (late) Viola Malasa]

(4) Rhoda Sikilabu (Hon.) [CC member replacing Isabel CC Nominee Hon. Jane Tozaka]

(5) Thornley Hite [Team leader West replacing Warren Paia]

(6) Caroline Laore Gorae [EPAC member replacing Mylyn Bird]

(7) Jeffery Wickham [CC member replacing (late) Charles Levo]

(8) Eric Kituru [CC member replacing Gideon Tuke]

(9) John M. Tuhaika [CC member replacing (late) Fr. Francis Taupongi]

(10) Jason Dorovolomo [EPAC member replacing (late) Sir Moses Pitakaka]

About Constitutional Congress

The Constitutional Congress (CC) is a multi-representative body, mandated by Cabinet in 2007 to complete the constitutional reform process.

Its Terms of Reference comes from Cabinet decision (C [2006] 5). According to the 2005 White paper on the Reform of the Solomon Islands Constitution, Congress will "undertake the task of finalizing a draft text of a new constitution of Solomon Islands..."

About Eminent Persons Advisory Council

The Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC) is the associate body of the Constitutional Congress established also in 2007, to evaluate the work of Congress.

Membership of EPAC comprises Solomon Islanders recognized for their traditional or civic capacities as distinguished national leaders and States men. They represent all Solomon Islands communities, including minority racial groups.

Information on CC and EPAC [Updated May 2014].

Working Structure (Overall)

The working structure of the Constitutional Reform Program has been updated to reflect the current process that will take until 2016.

The structure shown here is the process in which activities and consultations will take place.

Working Structure [Updated December 2015].

Chairpersons Congress & EPAC

Chairlady CC
Mrs. Jenny Tuhaika

Vice Chairman CC
Mr. Joseph Huta

Chairman EPAC
Mr. Tapualiki Samasoni

Vice Chairman EPAC

CC Provincial Team Leaders

Central Islands
Team leader
Catherine Pule

Team leader
Simmy Vazarabatu

Team leader
Hilda Kari

Honiara City
Team leader
Joseph Huta

Team leader
Dennis C. Lulei

Team leader
Daniel Ho'ota

Team leader
Hudson Kwalea

Rennell Bellona
Team leader
John M. Tuhaika

Team leader
Johnson Levela

Team leader
Thornley Hite


Constitutional Reform Program acknowledges the professional contributions of members that have passed on during the course of the Reform. These members were active participants of the process and likewise their contributions to the Reform are sincerely valued.

Sam Faluaburu (former Director/CRU June 2007-2011); Sir Baddeley Devesi (former EPAC member Aug 2007-2010); Sir Moses Pitakaka (former EPAC member Aug 2007-2010); Fr. Francis Taupongi (former CC member & Team leader Rennell Bellona Jan 2010-Jan 2013); Viola Malasa (former CC Choiseul member Aug 2007-June 2013); Dr. John Roughan (former EPAC member Aug 2007-Oct 2013); Vainga Tion (former EPAC member Aug 2007-Dec 2013); Charles Levo (former CC member Aug 2007-Apr 2014); Sir George Lepping (former EPAC Chairman Aug 2007-Dec 2014). Sir Peter Kenilorea (former EPAC member Aug 2007-Feb 2016).

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