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Timeline of CRU’s work output


[July] CRU established in the Office of the Prime Minister

[August] Organized Induction for members nominated to the Constitutional Congress and Eminent Persons Advisory Council.


[May–Jun] Organized CC Provincial teams to conduct the Identification of the Political Communities activity in the provinces

[Jun-Dec] Launched media awareness programme 2008

[Sept–Nov] Organized meetings for three Theme Committees of Constitutional Congress; they were the Federal Foundation, Federal Political Systems and Powers and Revenue Sharing Theme Committees.

[December] Arranged for a sub-Plenary of Theme Committees to discuss and produce reports of their Committees deliberations.

[December] Organized various talk-back shows on SIBC.


[May–Jun] Organized the 1st Joint Plenary of Constitutional Congress and EPAC to discuss the proposed Federal Constitution.

[See complete timeline] [Updated July 2016]

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East end of Secretariat office, Coconut cafe building facing Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, situated along Mendana Avenue in Honiara.

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